Argyle Boot Camp Testimonials

Almost two years ago – I decided to give Argyle Adventure Boot Camp a try… and loved it!  Three times I week, I roll out of bed to a challenging, exhilirating workout with friendly, and helpful instructor and campmates.  I am having a blast!  I am able to go at my own pace…  and I just signed up for one more year! It’s all about personal goals and I want to be healthy and strong as I get older.  WIth the Adventure Boot Camp Program, I saw results right away – I have a waistline, toned arms and legs, and by bra fat has melted away! I love the 4 weeks on and 1 week off schedule – it allows me to schedule out-of-town obligations and to not miss my workouts.

Kiki Sullivan, Lantana, TX – Sept. 2013


My journey with Argyle Adventure Boot Camp began while reading testimonials in the Cross Timbers Gazette our local paper and seeing an ad for the boot camp.  I wondered about what they did at “boot camp.”  I was curious to learn more… The opportunity to exerience came through an education auction and with continued nervousless; I decided to give it a try.  I attended my first session March 2012 – withing 30 days, I felt like a new person.  I had tons of energy and felt stronger.  I could actually run (ok, jog!) almost a mile, do 25 military push ups (not the girly kind!) and could go beyond what I thought was my limit.  In addition, everyday is different so, one is never bored!  I am into my 2nd and feel great!  Norma is our wonderful leader who motivates, and inspires and compliments our efforts everyday.  I like that! Plus, she’s fun and I really like that!

Dianne Chrestopoulos, Argyle, TX – Sept 2013 

testimonials argyle boot camp


Although I have always enjoyed working out at Lifetime and it’s a lot closer to home, your camp offers great variety… it goes by so fast! There is no doubt you have a great investment in helping everyone achieve their goals. You put a lot of thought into thorough planning of your programs and you integrate aerobic,strength training and core. Not only that but you schedule a little yoga to help everyone experience the benefits of stretching and relaxing. As a manager, I know that when you are responsible for the outcome and measured by results, typically there is not a lot of positive feedback directly to you. I would like to acknowledge my thanks to you for being there for all of us who would like help and direction in reaching our goals!

Diane O

Thank you for being such a great motivator!  I never thought I would be able to get back in shape and enjoy exercise again.  Five years ago when I was diagnosed with my brain tumor, I quit running doing all the other outdoor stuff I loved.  After my surgery I tried to start running but kept having seizures.  Then the longer I waited, the harder it became.  I am feeling better now then I have in years!   We have even started talking about planning to backpack through the Grand Canyon again.  (something I highly recommend it you haven’t already done!)


I am so excited about my improvement over the last two boot camps. I really felt great (better than great) yesterday and today. I feel like a new person. I almost reached my goal of losing 20 lbs in two camps…..I’ll settle for 14. I lost 8% body fat too. I’m so on my way to that May 1st goal of being 20 lbs lighter.

You are truly amazing and I am so very thankful for you. It’s impossible to put into words how you have changed my life. You have given me the tools to be successful with weight loss and nutrition. I think that’s why your program is so successful. I could have never gotten this started without you.

Thank you!!!


Today I went shopping for my trip to Mexico. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t hate it. I found 3 bathing suits that I loved, a cute sun dress, and several sunny tops. Although I still have a long way to go, I was so shocked to see how much better I looked with having a firmer body. I was a full size smaller and I didn’t leave the mall depressed.  Thank you!


You are awesome. I have never felt that I could stick with something and I think I finally found it. It amazes me how well you know everyone’s name and also how motivational you are. I truly understand why you are at the top of your game. You make me want to commit and I thank you deeply.


I want to give you a rough sketch of how my life has changed since I started boot camp. I have always been plagued with stomach problems (bleeding ulcers, acid reflux, and heartburn). I’m no longer taking medication for any of it…..not even Rolaids. My stomach feels the best it has in years. I was going to the chiropractor once a week for adjustments (back problems) and no longer have to do that. I was on wellbutrin for anxiety and depression, which I no longer take. I haven’t had a panic/anxiety attack and feel alive for the first time in a long time. The doctor had prescribed a muscle relaxer to help me go to sleep at night…..that’s history. I could still sleep better, but I no longer take the medication. I think the Intramax multi vitamin has also been helpful.

I haven’t had a diet soda (any caffeine) in 4 weeks. I have quit using artificial sweeteners. I drink 10-14 glasses of water a day. Before boot camp I was lucky to get 3 glasses down because I drank 6 or more diet sodas a day. I only drink water and herbal tea now. I have almost completely cut sugar out of my diet. If I want something sweet, I eat half of a Paleobar. I’m working on making better food choices. We have quit eating fast food. I haven’t eaten a french fry or a cheeseburger in almost a month. I haven’t had any processed food this week (this is huge). The education about food choices has been huge for me.

I have a long way to go, but this boot camp and your leadership have changed my life! My family is also eating better. I can’t thank you enough. God has blessed you with a very special gift.

Julie C
3 weeks into her first boot camp.

THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO AND YOUR PROGRAM! I came away from the first workout with the best endorphin high that was amazing all day and yes it made the soreness less noticeable. Wow I felt great the entire day and my hunger cravings were gone, so I ate when I knew my body needed fuel AND writing it down makes you think twice about what you are putting in your mouth because you have to later show it to someone! I did wake up very sore the next day, but I could not wait to go ride my bike and do ab exercises. I look forward to Wednesday and all the ladies in my group, especially Kathy who is a hoot and Jamie what a delight. Being a fatty and Jamie being a super skinny, she never makes you feel bad about yourself since we fatty’s feel bad enough about ourselves. Also, Jamie never made you feel bad when I or anyone struggled through an exercise and I have no flexibility or ab strength. Jamie was awesome and the variety of workout was amazing because the time passed quicker than I thought it would.

If I wanted to add days how can I do this? Funny, I was worried about being motivated enough to show up and now I want to come more often. Also, my mom is coming for a visit from California can she join me in camp when she will be here?

Adventure BootCamp ROCKS! THANK YOU!

Robin Zanotto

I’m so happy about the 20 pound weight loss in 9 weeks of camp, but even happier about my state of mind.  I have 29 lbs to go.  I can’t believe I’m that close to my goal weight in 9 weeks of camp.  I was speechless this morning….it blew me away when I got on the scale.  I had to weigh myself 3 times to make sure I was seeing the scale right.  You are amazing……..your program rocks, and once again I am so thankful!!!

Julie C

I would have to say that Argyle Boot camp is for ANY lady that wants to make a positive change in her life. Age or abilities should not be a concern. Attending the camp will strengthen your abilities as well as amaze you that you can do more than you thought.

Lori Wood

I wanted to let you know that I thought I would give Jenny Craig a try in January and lasted 3 weeks…barely. I cringed every time I read one of the labels on their food. High fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, polydextrose, artificial sweeteners and so on fill the ingredient list on most of their foods. I tried to choose my own menu, including the frozen food items and substituting my own natural bars for their fake bars that they encourage as daily snacks. I felt bloated, “gassy” and had constant headaches while eating the Jenny Craig way. It was awful! The diet consists of super small portions of fake food, it seems to only focus on calories rather than healthy real foods. They do encourage people to eat salads and drink water, but I still could not feel good about putting their packaged foods into my body. Valerie Bertinelli looks fantastic, but I have to wonder how healthy she is.

You have helped me to become aware of the nutritional value of food and as a result I removed fake foods from my diet. It became so apparent during those 3 weeks on Jenny Craig how much better I felt while eating real food. I am happy to be back at boot camp and receiving your daily emails that empower all of us to make better food choices for our health and encourage us to get up the next morning to work out. You are great at what you do!

Kim E

I’m 44 and have been overweight for several years. Before attending boot camp my activity level was very low and my endurance level was close to zero. I could not walk very far without having to stop and catch my breath. I had tried just about every fad and time tested diet and exercise program out there and had given up.

Now I am in my 5th boot camp and feel and look better than I have in years. Not once have I felt like I couldn’t do any of the exercises. Nor has anyone in the class ever made me feel bad about my fitness level. You get constant encouragement and support from your fellow campers and all the exercises can be modified to fit your level. Plus Kelli is there with you every step of the way.

Getting up at 5:00 was hard at first but everyday that I do it is worth it. We have so much fun in the mornings and you’ll find that you really miss everyone during your week off at the end of the 4 week period. One of the best benefits from boot camp is the reversal in age I have experienced. Kelli wants us to go to realage.com. After answering the questions my real body age was 54, now it is 39 and my resting heart rate has gone down 20 beats per minute. The quality of life I am having now compared to 5 months age is awesome.

You don’t have to wait until the next camp starts, you can join today and come to camp tomorrow. I look forward to meeting you there.

Tami Church

You have really changed my life….and I aint ever going back!  Seriously, it’s more than just the way my body has changed, it’s my mind too.  All that mental toughness you keep talking about.  I feel like I can do anything right now!

My original intention was just a four week program.  But here I am, 3 months and 3 boot camps later, stronger, energized and more self-confident than I have ever been in my life.   Oh yeah, and 18 pounds lighter!  The weight loss is wonderful but it’s the strength and self-confidence and energy that has changed me the most.

I can’t recommend boot camp enough. I can’t really describe the transformation your mind will go through if you just give yourself the chance to make a positive change. That first step was the scariest. But with Kelli’s support and guidance and the support of all the other women that were climbing that same hill, I believe I entered boot camp as one person but came out as another. I would tell anyone to give this to your self. Give yourself a chance and you will be amazed at what you are capable of.

Gwende Wilmot

I notice all my clothes are fitting better – I actually am rifling through my closet saying “I don’t have anything that fits” but everything is a little too big rather than a little too small – I like how that feels!

Vanessa White

I just love coming in the mornings and feel so much better during the day. I also look forward to your e-mails. Thanks for everything. You are a true joy and inspiration.


I LOVED IT!! I knew I missed it, but didn’t realize how much till I got there and saw everyone and started sweating. I feel so energized and excited and I’m really looking forward to the next 19 sessions:)  Thank You!  like I’ve said since I met you, you’re the best!  Have an outstanding day, I know I will..


I suffer from migraines and usually have to take medication 8 to 12x a month. I haven’t taken one dose of my medication since beginning camp. I am not a fan of taking any kind of medication but the headaches became so severe I had no choice.

Julie W

You are so encouraging and really lift my spirits. I have told you before…..God has given you some awesome gifts!! I know with your encouragement anyone can lose weight successfully and eat right. You are a great motivator! I’m so fortunate to know you. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.


I can not believe how I have enjoyed getting up early, I am not a morning person.  I find myself energized, more organized and feeling great about myself and the day.  I love the variety of exercises and your positive personality

I enjoy your classes and they have changed so many things in my day to day life.  My whole family is eating so much healthier. I always thought we were until I read your daily emails full of facts.

Before my camps I didn’t even have one glass of water a day, now I crave it and cannot leave the house without a bottle.  I have not had a coke since the day I started boot camp

Joanne Washburn

“I’ve been to many excercise classes and heard many more nutrition lectures, but this is the first time I’ve actully been motivated to want to eat better, eat cleaner, make simply better food choices one-at-a-time, cut out my diet sodas and really benefit from real food.  I started the camp just to get a boost and start exercising again and didn’t realize it would change the whole way I view food and my health.

Ann B

I NEVER expected to see such great results so fast, I plan to make some lifestyle changes from what I am learning; I really love your program and all of your help. Sincerely,

Kathy K.

Thanks so much! I am loving boot camp. I am just thrilled that I have finally found a way to exercise consistently without getting bored with doing the same thing all the time. I am very thankful to you with all of your support and encouragement. I haven’t felt this great in a long time.

Thank you,


I just wanted to thank you for being so motivating.  I’ve been an on again, off again (WAY more off than on by the way) exerciser for ever. I have had personal trainers, joined gyms, tried things on my own, blah, blah, blah.  I have NEVER felt as good as I do in just 3 weeks of working out and eating better.  I know I have along way to go, but I honestly have made improvements I have never made before. And I was younger and in better shape before.

I have never been very good or strong aerobically, but you have no idea what a big deal it is for me to the running we’ve done. I’ve never had that in me and it makes me feel great physically and mentally. I’m much more flexible, and I’m able to do the ab stuff like never before. I just wanted to tell you thanks.  I think you truly have a gift and it fits my needs to a “T”.

Patti Merritt

I just can not thank you enough for your support, words of encouragement, and influence in my life

Gina Pritchard

Since I began Boot Camp, I have become much stronger overall, particularly in my back, my endurance has increased and I have lost inches and weight (10 pounds).  The most exciting thing that has happened is… I am jogging, not fast and not far, but I am doing it!


Thank you all sooo much for the past 4 weeks! “I couldn’t have done it without all of you!” I have loved the camaraderie and new friendships that Argyle Adventure Bootcamp has given me.

I haven’t felt this good in years! Thank you for helping me change my life! No turning back now! Definitely count me in for the next camp! Thank you for helping me change my life! You’re AWESOME!

Belinda Kelly

Thanks for all of your motivation!  I do feel better, stronger and I have more energy.  This has been a good start…on Friday I did my other aerobics class and I felt like I was able to get more out of the workout, rather then struggling through it.  It felt good.  I’ve enjoyed the boot camp and will probably sign up for the next session.  I enjoy the change and being outside.  You are doing a great job!

Teri Roy

I’d like to first say how proud I am of Julie for her commitment to Boot Camp and the results she has achieved. I’ve always thought Julie looked fantastic and made it clear to her that the decision to attend had to be own and for her. Of course you are to be recognized for your creative approach to motivating all of your subjects to not only attend at such an early hour but also enjoy it. The most rewarding aspect of Julie’s progress is not the change in her physique but actually the confidence and positive outlook such changes have brought her. She feels good about herself and it shows. I love that.

Husband of boot camper!

Thanks………….you are a great motivator. I am especially pleased with the body fat lost as well as the inches disappearing. I have lost an additional 6lbs in the three weeks that I have been eating this way (total of 10 lbs lost since starting boot camp according to my scale), not to mention the increase in energy that I have and I think I already mentioned that my skin and hair feel much healthier.  My husband has remarked that I have more energy look more healthy and happier too! And my back is feeling great!

I continue to love the camp and enjoy the three days a week.  I am spending two days at the gym and in the steam room, another great thing that I have just started taking advantage of!

Thanks for changing up the workouts daily too.  They are never boring!!  I really liked the Pilate’s!  It is still a fabulous way to start the day and such a gift to myself to exercise each day at the crack of dawn.  I still love it! I feel like a new me (or maybe more like the old me!). Thanks for your dedication to us!

I have accomplished the following ( among other things ) by attending boot camp:

  • Gave up my addiction to Diet Coke
  • Gave up coffee
  • Started drinking green tea
  • Purged high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated items from my diet ( I was eating more of these items than I ever knew)
  • Gave up artificial sweeteners
  • Began eating natural real foods rather than processed foods
  • Started taking multivitamins on a regular basis
  • Eat more foods containing antioxidants

I have really enjoyed getting to know you and the Argyle Adventure Boot Camp ladies. I just love it! I am hooked on the workouts, being outdoors and your wonderful emails!

You are awesome!

Kim Evans

Thanks for your time and efforts and all you do to make us ladies more health consciousness.  You can tell you care and want the best for your clients.


I really appreciate all of the time that you have given me.  I would love to have even a 1/3 of your energy!  Thank you for everything!  I will definitely be back to camp when school starts back up!  It is wonderful to work with someone who is so motivating and encouraging to her clients.  That goes such a long way!!  Your joy for life and all it has to offer is very inspiring!

Paige H

Thanks! I am really enjoying camp. It is exactly what I needed to shake things up with myself! I can feel a difference in my strength (especially with the horses) and people have asked me how much weight I have lost. Clothes are definitely fitting better! Oh – stress is definitely reduced!

Lesley, Week 3 of camp

I want to thank you for all your encouraging words even at times I know I could be doing better.  When I am not feeling my best it is nice to hear your encouraging words and let me know I can continue. I want to just say thank you for all you do and the dedication you have for making a difference in all our lives.


The last 2 boot camps have been awesome (both challenging and fun!), and have produced great results for me! I’ve learned so much and plan to put it all to use when I work out with my husband and on my own during travel. It is so nice to have learned a ton of exercises that I can do in my hotel room without any equipment!

Rachel M

I really appreciate your committment to helping the young and the fit and the aged and more shopworn in our quests for conditioning.  I have cut my BP med in half during this class and am not experiencing any of the peculiar fluttering/gurgling sensation in my chest that I had been experiencing.    My heart still skips beats but I am not noticing that strange feeling.  My favorite thing is the spinal twisting stretches.  Those feel so good to me.

Jane T

As a business executive in a hurry up and wait world, boot camp affords me a feeling of control and accomplishment; that has a positive result; and……. its all about me for that one blessed hour.

Judy R Byers,
General Manager
Inter-Tel Technologies, Inc

Boot Camp gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning when otherwise I would just snooze until the last minute. My husband says I am a different person now. Happier, less stressed, bee-bopping around (his words) more energy. And I am looking and feeling better and slimmer.


Boot camp is freedom! It’s freedom from fat clothes, bad health, and low self esteem. Boot camp gets me out of the house to enjoy my life with my family and friends.


“I think I am still in a state of shock that I actually weigh below 135lbs. This can’t be true. You may recall our first phone conversation when I am sure I came off a bit sceptical, but your confidence came across well and so I gave boot camp a try. I am amazed at how easy this has been. Your formula and coaching clearly work. My success is a true testament of that. I feel good about the transformation. A day doesn’t go by when someone doesn’t notice the change….that feels good too. Thank you for everything.”

Sharon Stecker
Environmental Specialist

Boot camp provides an atmosphere of personal challenge with camaraderie and support.  I continually look around at the other campers and strive to work hard and enjoy the results.  Today another camper politely asked how much weight I had lost and told me how great I looked.  – What a great way for me to start my day! The fact that year long “campers” still get sore and push themselves is a great motivating factor for me.  I like the fact that the group has all shapes, sizes, ages, and levels of fitness.  Kelli’s leadership style is unique and excellent – positive, politely pushing occasionally, but always kind and accepting.  This style is especially beneficial for someone first starting out who may feel like they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Lost 23 pounds at Boot Camp

“If there was ever a living, breathing, walking, testimonial to better living through health, fitness and self actualization, Norma is it. She is a dynamo. She brims with enthusiasm and a genuine love for life, and it’s contagious. As a lifelong dieter and workout dropout, I was fortunate to find her–she helped me reach inside myself and find the faith and self confidence to go for it. When I work with Norma, I always feel like a winner.”



“I am so proud of my wife Barb and all that she has accomplished while working with you! She is SO motivated and driven. This past weekend she was actually encouraging me to work out when I felt tired. That was definitely something that would NOT have occurred even a year ago. She has even talked more about becoming a trainer and I think she would be great at it. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for helping my wife to lose weight and also give her a positive outlook.”

Husband of Boot Camp Client

I will say that I know that my body and mind is changing in a positive way because of boot camp. You are right, little by little I don’t want those unhealthy choices and when I have a taste of them, they are less and less appealing. THANK YOU for the awareness and the motivation to keep working toward good food choices.

Kim Quinn

This has been a great experience – and has definitely impacted my lifestyle – I feel so much better (overall) and my main goal is to be able to run and not be so out of breath. Thanks for your inspiration – you are a great leader! I’ve watched my Mom as a diabetic go down hill (lost a leg, sight in one eye, numerous heart attacks and strokes) – I do not want to go there.

Michelle Harris

Thank you for your information and training over the last month. It has been effective and helped me meet my goals of kick starting my workouts again and increasing my endurance.

Deb Findlay

You don’t know how much I appreciate the time you take to keep us informed on all the nutrition/health related topics. I’ve worked with personal trainers before and none have taken the time and care that you do. Thanks so Much. You make BootCamp complete for me. You are such a wealth of knowledge! I really thought I was making right choices, boy was I wrong.

Laura Johnson
Circle R Ranch

I’ve never enjoyed working out, but somehow, you have presented it in such a way that I love it. I never thought I could say that about exercise… but I do. I enjoy coming to camp so much. Thank you.

Marla Lyons
Flower Mound

Before boot camp I couldn’t keep up with anyone even at a walking pace, I had no strength, I was in terrible shape and I just felt it slipping further and further out of control. I was a size 24 at the age of 49, with three school age children. I had tried all the diet programs and found I was successful at them for a short time but nothing long term. Since I called Kelli in March for information about Argyle Adventure Boot Camp, it has changed my life. I have dropped over 50 pounds (on my way to a total loss of 125 pounds), I have lost over 27 inches (6 inches from my waistline alone) and my strength and endurance has improved incredibly.

I came to camp not knowing what to expect and worried that I would be the oldest, fattest and slowest of the bunch. Instead I found many in the group were either my size, my age, my physical condition or some/all of the above. Not only that but the environment is one of total support among all campers. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. I never feel inferior when someone runs faster than me (and that happens a lot!) or by what my physical limitations are. I have never heard anything but encouragement among campers and it is an awesome experience.

Some campers have bad knees or backs or feet and they will never run, some campers are training for marathons. Some are older, some are very young, some are professionals, some are stay at home moms. Whoever you are you will fit into our group and ……… you need just what this group has to offer. The only advice I have is to do the program exactly as Kelli instructs. Don’t just pay for the classes, show up. Don’t just listen to the nutrition seminar, apply what you learn. Oh, and take the grocery tour – it is only a few dollars and well worth the money and time.

I hope you join us and that it changes your life as much as it has changed mine.

Vanessa White,

This was REALLY a great experience for me. I have never committed to an exercise regimen as I get lazy and always have excuses. It felt good to know my husband and kids were impressed that I stuck with it. I truly feel like I have begun to transform the way I want to. The exercising every day and the commitment to drinking water are 2 huge accomplishments for me. I feel better.

This week has done more for me than I could imagine. I am conscious of my food and water (2 hurdles I have never had enough will power to tackle). I think my husband is pleasantly surprised that I stuck with it and it has even gotten him motivated to jog most night this week.

Barbara Apt
After her 1st week of camp
Chef, Soccer Mom – Argyle

I wanted to say thanks for helping me get a kick start back into a healthier life…. almost 3 years ago I left a very stressful job of 23 years and started a new job where I have almost eliminated stress from my life. However, during this healing time (last 3 years), I forgot about taking care of myself! I cut way back on exercising and pretty much ate whatever I wanted. Needless to say, I gained 15 pounds in a year, (+10 the previous year) my cholesterol became elevated and I just didn’t feel good. Excess weight and fatigue took over. And I turned 50! In April, my gynecologist told me he would have to put me on cholesterol medication and maybe blood pressure, if I didn’t loose some weight! I still wasn’t motivated to get moving until my sister in law emailed about your camp. My first thought was, are you kidding, get up at 4:50 am, and exercise! But from the 1st day, I’m glad I did this. Getting up each morning has been the easy part….your workouts have been challenging for my “out of shape body” but well worth the effort. I’m very happy with the results so far. I know I have to continue changing our eating habits to succeed. But I’m committed to do this; I have to for our health.

Thanks again….you are just what I needed to get me motivated and moving again. It was a great 4 weeks, and I am very happy with the results.

Pam Hamm

You are truly touching many lives in a most positive way!! Bless you.

Kim Quinn

Thanks again,  for caring enough to follow-up with me. You’re so kind. I really appreciate it. I enjoyed this group of campers. The positive impact you’re having on women is amazing, and I know everyone feels more empowered in so many ways as a result of their 4 weeks with you and your expertise.

Take care,

Phyllis Georgen, PMP®
IBM Global Services

I like your nutritional advice (tonight and in Feminine, Firm and Fit), because it is scientifically sound -and you present it in such a positive and realistic manner. You have a really great leadership style and way of relating to others.

Gina Lou Pritchard
Critical Care Nurse Practitioner
Medical Spa 407

I started camp simply wanting to look better in a swimsuit. But I left camp a much healthier person with a greater understanding of foods. I feel healthier, have a firmer stomach, better flexibility and increased speed in running. Thank you for all you have done for me!

This is so addictive. When I’m not there I feel like I’m missing a big party!!!

Cecilia Holt
Assistant Principal
Lee Elementary

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. Your energy and enthusiasm helped me to push myself harder during boot camp. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a little skeptical of seeing dramatic results. In the end, I am very excited about how things have changed!


Susan Varney

Argyle Adventure Boot Camp really is life changing! I was captivated by Kelli’s obvious sincerity on the recorded portion that I’d clicked on. I must admit that I expected to dread the workouts. I was giddy that I could complete the first one. I’m amazed that I look forward to the next.

I love the diversity of the workouts — it’s definitely not boring! After just 3 weeks of following Kelli’s eating advice, I was completely off of caffeine, sugar, and processed carbohydrates. After 5 weeks, I feel so much healthier — less bloated. I’m slowly adding more sleep to my nights. I just completed my 3rd camp with perfect attendance and I am down over 15 pounds.

It’s been a blessing!”

Carla Hamm

My favorite part of boot camp was doing it with my mom because I like to spend time with my mom and it is fun. I have lost 10 pounds, become lighter, faster and it has helped me with my dancing and volleyball. Its also great to see how many people were bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30 am

Jaclyn White

Age 11

The thing that I love best about boot camp is the fact that everyday is a new day. The very first day I attended boot camp I wasn’t sure about getting up at 4:40 in the morning but I got to bed early and had a lot of energy for camp. Waking up early is easy because everyone there motivates you and there is so much reinforcement from others and Kelli when we are trying to do something that is challenging. This is my first week at camp and already I have a better outlook in general. I love to go the camp and I look forward to it. It makes you feel better about your day and make smarter choices about what you eat.

I actually felt confident about going after the very first time. And that is saying a lot. It is easy to meet people and everyone is there for one reason to make a change. By following some simple guidelines it is easy to get on the right track. I am now more energetic just after a week. Boot camp is part of my routine and a positive one at that. I now have motivation to better my life. I have wanted so long to become more active in my life and meet new people and now I can do that by simply attending boot camp. Its so simple and I can see why so many people do it because its fun and it is hard work but the results will pay off in the end.

I really enjoyed the camp more then I ever thought I would. It’s only week 1 and I am already thinking about doing the next camp. It is hard work and I sweat a lot but it really makes me feel better about myself in the end. I like how each day is different. Honestly it is easier for me to go to camp then to the gym. Thanks so much for the great fun and hard work so far.



The best thing about boot camp is when it’s 6:30 AM and we have just finished our cool down and everyone claps. Completing one hour of weights, cardio and stretching with approximately other women at 5:30 AM in the morning is a real challenge, but worth it. I love driving home with the windows down and having a feeling of accomplishment. Knowing I have just given myself the best gift I can receive all day. A good physical and mental workout. Attending my first boot camp was my gift to me for my 64th birthday. I have lost 12 pounds and signed up for my second four week camp. I am feeling more energetic and motivated to continuing good nutrition and exercise in order to live a fuller life. I can see that boot camps are going to be an important part of my life.

Boot Camp is always interesting and I love how you change it up daily and working different muscle groups.  Instructor provides  modifications of each exercise to accommodate each campers level of fitness. You workout at your own pace while being challenged to do your very best. I find my competitive nature rising to the occasion when some of the thirty year old women past me in the running/jogging/walking exercise. I become especially motivated when instructor calls out our lap times and I know I have improved my speed over the prior camp.

Keeping a daily food log has given me the best result – weight loss. Eating healthier foods makes me feel better and now I can wear my skinny clothes.

Glenda Duke

The thing I like was most surprised about boot camp was how quickly I saw results!! Within a week I was feeling stronger and more confident.

I never thought my very first week of camp that I would be a “runner” and now I really enjoy it. I feel great!

I’m in my third session of boot camp and have lost over 12 pounds and 10% body fat and am now back into my favorite pair of jeans!! The best part is the energy it has given me… I am a happier, healthier person all around. Kelli’s passion for wellness motivates me every day to keep going! I believe in the effectiveness of the program so much that I signed up for the Platinum Boot Camp program.

Thank you so much for helping me get back into my ‘skinny’ jeans again. I feel so fit and healthy now! I was shocked this morning when you did my measurements. Wow! The best part is that I feel like an athlete and I love that part of it.

Julie W – Lost 10% body fat, 6 inches off her waist and 12.5 pounds to reach her goal weight.

Bartonville, TX
Glenda Duke


The program offers new routines and new challenges every day. Although you are in a group, Norma makes each person feel as though she is personally training them, cognizant of their individual level while always encouraging them to push a little further. There is no time wasted. Norma makes every minute count. In week 1 I noticed that I have more energy, definitely sleeping better and I feel good about doing something so important for myself. Like most, I have belonged to gyms but I was never happy with the environment. I have home equipment with the box full of tapes/CD’s/DVD’s but it is redundant and boring. Norma’s boot camp is perfect for me. I am an early riser, I love the outdoors and have always wanted to find a program that I could really feel good about…and I finally did.

I love it all – the entire boot camp concept, women only, ever changing, challenges you to get out of your comfort zone, working with weights and more including the feel of having a personal trainer even though it is in a group environment. The emails to continue motivating you to return. The email tips and knowledge sharing, just everything!

I have wasted so much money in my life on gym dues and machines that have never kept my interest or desire. This is great. Although the program structure is great it is only one part of the success of the boot camp, the true success is in the coaching and mentorship style that you possess which makes people want to do better for themselves.


Your encouragement is wonderful. I think most folks are their own worst critic, but it’s really nice to have a “coach” again. I work harder when I’m with other people and I know someone may be watching. I LOVE THIS!!!!! I enjoy the variety of exercises you put us through. And I’m rediscovering muscles that I thought all the fibers had shrunk to nothing! The thing I love best about boot camp is knowing there are about 30 accountability partners and a coach to work out with. If you tell me to do an exercise, I will do it. If it’s up to me to get out of bed in the morning and lace up my shoes, it’s so easy just to push snooze and roll over. So far I’ve only done one week (3 classes) and I’m already noticing more definition in my legs. I actually look forward to getting out of bed at 4:30am because I know how great I am going to feel by 6:30am!

Johnna Kudlac, MS, RD, LD

I am so excited at the difference in my body. When I first started doing this, I did it to look better. However, what I am most excited about is how much stronger I am. I no longer have “Olive Oil” arms and can actually hang in there with the ab work (which I think has made the biggest difference in my horse back riding). You are a miracle worker…

Lavon Ray

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. Your energy and enthusiasm helped me to push myself harder during boot camp. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a little skeptical of seeing dramatic results. In the end, I am very excited about how things have changed!

Susan Varney


Boot camp completely removes the guilt from my life about whether I’m in shape.  When I police my own work outs, I’m constantly worrying, wondering, arguing with myself and obsessing over when/how much/what kind of exercise I’ve done and what I’ve eaten.  With boot camp, all I have to do is get my body out of bed in the morning and the rest is easy (in relative terms…the workouts themselves are not easy!).  By 6:30 life is good and I feel great!

Thanks so much for this program!